The Boards And The Bees - Never again!!!!!!!!

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The worst I have ever dealt with. Not sure if this is a scam or just plain stealing for people.

I cant even get an answer from them, At this point I would take a refund and be happy.

Been over 15 weeks since order. It was ordered for a Birthday gift for my son who is a Veteran, now just hoping to get it before Christmas.

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The Boards And The Bees - I think I got scammed by these guys..!!

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I placed an order in August now her we are halfway through October. Can’t get a hold of them, they won’t return my emails or my instant messages on Facebook.

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i have been trying to find out about my order for over a month. there are no phone numbers or an address listed.

I believe that I have been "taken to the bank" by the boards and the bee's. I have tried to call the only number that I can find and have been told that it has been disconeected or is no longer in service. I would strongly advise that people not order from this company.

With no contact info available there is no way other than a gmail address to attempt to get a refund of my money which they gladly charged my account the day of the order when they told me that the orders were 4-6 weeks. We are now at 11 weeks and no update what so ever.

to Russell #1607691

I have been waiting 15 weeks now. I cant get an answer or an email with a delivery date.

They have to be the worst I have ever seen.

Glad they only got me for 68 bucks could have been worse. I agree with everyone on here no call back number and they want even try to communicate with customers.


I jave been trying to find out about my order for 2 weeks. I received a message with tracking number but when i track it shows only lable was created and has not been shipped.

I have sent numerous emails text messages and facebook messages with no reply.

My first inquiry was on nNovember 3rd way beyond the 48 hour reaponse. Please let me know


We reply to everyone within 48 hours, we are a small family owned business and cannot reply within seconds to everyone. The demand is high from our company so we do have a longer processing time, as does any small business.

It’s also stated on our webpage for everyone to see clearly.

It’s also approximate since the demand does fluctuate could be sooner could be longer, we try our best to keep up with the predicted processing time however sometimes that’s impossible. I’m sorry you’re unhappy, however I d believe we’ve responded to all messages and emails thus far.

to Melissa #1591751

Just give me a phone number, please Melissa. I have been trying to talk to someone for a month to get 4 pieces for a fundraiser.

Now I might be out of time. Begging to be a customer, check your Facebook messages for my phone number, Ryan G.

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The Boards And The Bees - Worst Customer Service EVER

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On 2/22/18 I placed an order with this company for a cut out wooden eagle painted like the American Flag. Turnaround was stated to be 3-4 weeks.

The company was behind on orders because the couple had normal day to day jobs. Understandable. Then the delays were pushed back further because the couple was moving, which meant so was the business. Irritating, but still understandable.

Low and behold it is now 5/21/18 and I receive an email with a tracking number that the product has shipped. 5/30/18 rolls around and I track the package with the sent tracking number on UPS and the product has not even been dropped off or picked up by UPS at this point. I ask the company about it and they said they batch all the stuff for the week and print all the labels and then at the end of the week. Didn't fly with me since 5/21 was Monday and 5/26 would have been that Saturday.

The item was given over to UPS until late on 5/30 and I received it the next day on 5/31 and it was broken due to the poor packaging (See attached pics) and lack thereof any protective wrapping in the packaging. The tail of the eagle was literally falling off. I had to put it down softly to take the pics. They literally slid the eagle into a thin cardboard box and put some tape on it.

Once again I reached out to the merchant and was asked to send pics of the damage, the box and all that so they could put a claim into UPS. I did and was then told the next day on 6/1 that they would get a new one sent out the next week. On 6/15, I once again had to reach out to them because nothing arrived. This time I was told that they were busy with orders for Father's Day.

We will yours out next week. No really happy at this point, but what can I do. Being it was summer and life moves on, I forgot about it until I saw the broken item in the corner of the room and I had to reach out to the company again. This time I was told that they had to wait on the UPS Claim and the investigations take time, but we have one ready to send out.

At that point I decided that I wasn't going to be lied to any longer and just wanted a refund. I told the merchant this and he told me once I send the broken one back in, I would get a refund and they would be going against their own policy (35% Restocking Fee) on returned items to issue me a full refund. I was LIVID. What kind of company charges a restocking fee on an item that the customer received broken??

Also I would have to send the item back first before getting refunded.....How am I supposed to trust that is going to happen when it has now been six total months of delays and lies and I am just done. So I realized this was going nowhere fast and filed a BBB complaint and then the story changes again. They now state they did not get a claim back from UPS. The claim from UPS is not of importance to me as that is a direct reimbursement to the merchant, however that claim covers the value and replacement of the original broken item.

So they have my money and the claim and things with me were never made right so all I want is a refund and to move on and now they are fighting. I had to wait for the item for just over 3 months through no fault of my own. It arrived broken through no fault of my own and then I was lied to at least 2 times being told it is being sent and nothing. So as it stands, my issue is still not resolved and BBB is saying that the business made a good effort to try to resolve this.

WOW - So because it took them 3 months to send it to me, it should take another 3 months to replace it is basically what BBB is saying to me.

That is nuts. What would you do?

Product or Service Mentioned: The Boards And The Bees Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Mark, As the owner of The Boards and The Bees, we find is very upsetting you are continuing to drag our business in the dirt. We advised you we would send you a prepaid shipping label for the return of the damages item, and refund you once we received it back.

You refused. We never stated we would charge you a 35% restocking fee. Never. I don’t know of any business who is going to refund while you still have an item, especially a damaged one that could be fixed.

We have gone above and beyond to try to get you your refund, we always ask for the broken product back, which is what we are requiring of you.

We were not paid a second time for the item, and have proven to the bbb of this case, and they even see that we have exhausted our efforts, as they sided with us. As always if you’d like a prepaid shipping label, let us know since you’ve stated you would just write “return to sender” on it, and we’d be glad to refund you once we get it back!

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